Saturday, September 1, 2018

And then life happened...

Two weeks have now passed since Aimee arrived. Life has been busy and chaotic and crazy and I am completely behind with my updates so today’s update will be a cram session so I get myself caught up! Kevin and I both worked a lot this week and Natalie hasn’t been feeling well so we are trying to deal with that on top of our normal day to day craziness.

Aimee has logged 10 days in American school and she loves it.

This was her first day…

The first week of school was spirit week! Aimee and Natalie dressed up in many cute ensembles!
Nemo and Dory

She and Natalie are active members of the school student section and they go to as many games as possible! 

I am learning that Aimee loves ice cream just as much as I do and I am learning that her similarities and her family’s similarities far outweigh our differences. Katharina sent me this picture of last Sunday! Coffee in bed!
Ah! My German Sister!
I am reminded to look through these lenses when viewing everyday life. We most often see what we are looking for. If we are looking for the differences, they easily pop out. If we are looking for the similarities, those are what we see first.  

If we are looking for someone’s worst qualities, we see those, but if we look for someone’s brightest qualities, we will see those. 

We had a great time celebrating life and we took our first shopping trip to Roanoke!

Aimee had her first experience at a Japanese Steakhouse and she loved it!

And we all piled up in mama bear’s bed and ate froyo and watched Netflix movies and napped.

Today we are going to try to do some normal boring things like laundry and sweeping the floors and then we will make her put her WVU shirt on and teach her a few cheers.

Tomorrow we make schnitzel!


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